New Southern Sky will establish a collaborative planning process and decision making forums that respond to increasing demand on aerodrome infrastructure.

Increasing capacity

Aerodrome infrastructure can be a limiting factor when attempting to improve traffic flows and improve system capacity.

This increasing pressure on aerodrome infrastructure means that airport management must be informed by a collaborative process of master planning, linking in with both airspace management requirements and land management planning to ensure a seamless service for passengers and operators.

Key challenges facing aerodrome management in the future include the need to ensure that there is sufficient movement area capacity, given the potential increased capacity in the air flowing from the changes in the Airspace and Air Navigation system. Communication between aerodrome operators and the air navigation service provider also needs to be coordinated, particularly to enable efficient management during localised weather and civil emergency events.

Linkage with land use planning remains an important part of any future aerodrome management. Appropriate resource planning processes are important to ensure that the needs of aviation stakeholders and the public are effectively addressed.