Staying safe


New Zealand’s world leading aviation safety record is no accident and we aim to keep it that way.

As a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), our aviation system is based on international best practice standards of safety that have been developed over decades.

Our plan to modernise the aviation system will bring in many changes over ten years – a relatively short time in aviation terms. These changes will mean significant benefits for industry, the travelling public, the environment and the economy but the pace of change brings with it new safety risks.

This is why we’re making safety a top priority, and have formed the New Southern Sky Safety Group.

Including representatives from the CAA, Airways Corporation and the Ministry of Transport, it is tasked with ensuring the highest standards of safety are maintained as these changes are made.

CAA Aerospace Programme Manager Ray Harvey says its initial focus has been information gathering.

“We have been collecting baseline data for current technology and operations and developing an Airspace and Air Navigation System Model (AANSM) that will enable safety criteria to be defined.

“Good progress is being made with key safety decisions being made mid-2015,” says Ray.

The safety group is currently defining safety criteria for: