Staying connected


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Modernising New Zealand’s aviation system is no easy task but we’re up for the challenge!

We’ve set some clear targets for key projects that will result in significant benefits for both operators and the travelling public that will enable more direct flights and improved safety.

It is clear to me that we can’t achieve success alone. That’s why we’re working hard to connect and engage with all of the stakeholders that our ten year programme will touch.

By taking a collaborative approach, we aim to ensure those affected by the changes we’re proposing get a chance to have their say and prepare before CAA mandates come into play.

So how will we make sure those who want to can have their say? Through our new and improved website. We will be updating it regularly with news and information and we’ll make sure we let you know when the CAA will be consulting on Rule proposals.

We’ll also be posting useful information and tips to help operators decide what sort of equipment upgrades they’ll need to purchase in order to comply with CAA performance requirements.

Steve Smyth
New Southern Sky