NSS brief for Air Force Chief


Chief of Air Force (CAF) Air Vice Marshal Tony Davies and his team met with the New Southern Sky (NSS) director and Civil Aviation Authority staff on Wednesday 1 February for a briefing on the programme. 

NSS director Steve Smyth says CAF was briefed on the significant progress the New Southern Sky stakeholders, including the NZ Defence Force (NZDF), had made in implementing the National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan. The briefing focused on the contribution being made by the NZDF and the benefits it was accruing.

"In return the meeting helped us to understand the strategic challenges facing the NZDF and the Air Force in particular said Steve Smyth. "It will help us ensure that our planning takes account of the changing dynamics of the Air Force mission and caters appropriately for the military air operations that are vital to our nation’s security and resilience."


 RNZAF web

 CAF Davies, centre, was given a warm welcome by CAA Director Graeme Harris, right, as he arrived to be briefed by NSS director Steve Smyth, left.