Massey gets green light for PBN operations


Congratulations to Massey University School of Aviation which has this week been approved by CAA  to carry out Required Navigation Performance (RNP) operations on its 12 Diamond DA40 single-engine trainers. This is a significant milestone; RNP is a crucial element of New Zealand’s aviation future and Massey University’s ability to provide training on RNP-enabled aircraft is a very positive and exciting step.

The approval process involved a detailed assessment of the airworthiness requirements as well as several discussions with the aircraft manufacturer. The approval also required the operator to have documented procedures in place and its pilots to be suitably trained for these operations. CAA has now begun a similar airworthiness review of Massey’s two Diamond DA42 twin-engine trainers and should be able to grant approval of these in the next few months.

Chief Executive Massey University School of Aviation, Ashok Poduval commented: ‘The New Southern Sky programme set out to establish an end to end, system wide Performance Based Navigation capability, paying particular attention to enabling training and education. This provides firm evidence that the programme is moving forward in developing the basis of that capability.  I am delighted that the School of Aviation team, led by Paul Kearney, has been able to lead the way’.