Formation of the Ground Based Navigation Aid review panel


The New Southern Sky programme produced a Ground Based Navigation Aid (GBNA) strategy paper at the end of 2016. This is aligned with similar work under way worldwide to rationalise GBNA infrastructure in the light of the navigation capability provided by the global navigation satellite system.

The paper provides a strategy for determining a Minimum Operating Network (MON) of GBNA. The paper recommended setting up a Review Panel to determine the MON.

The desired outcome of the New Southern Sky ‘Navigation’ workstream is a fully mature Performance Based Navigation (PBN) system using satellite based navigation by 2023. This means flights operating under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) will navigate primarily using GPS, provided the operator has the aircraft equipment, procedures, and trained personnel to do so safely.

Ground based beacons will be a safety back-up, to allow aircraft to recover and land safely in the event of GPS system degradation/failure or on-board GPS equipment failure. While failures of this nature are anticipated to be rare, good risk management requires there to be an alternative means of navigating safely in these scenarios. This requirement was supported during the development of the NSS aviation system safety criteria – a foundational report which led to the Concept of Operations 2023 and which anchors all New Southern Sky projects.

From now until 2023 we are in transition to allow aircraft owners to equip appropriately, with changes phased in along the way.

The role of the Panel, under the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, is to recommend the infrastructure steps required to move the system from its current state to that envisaged in 2023. One key benefit of the panel is that any proposed changes to GNBA infrastructure will get to be examined by a range of stakeholders so that impacts are understood and the full range of implementation options may be considered.

The next meeting of the Panel is on 23 March 2017 in Wellington when they will be considering airspace from Ardmore north.

The panel consists of:

  • Ministry of Transport
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Airways Corporation
  • Air New Zealand
  • Qantas Group (Jetstar/JetConnect)
  • NZ Airports Association
  • New Zealand Aviation Federation
  • NZDF
  • Aviation NZ

 At this stage the panel envisages that its work should take 12 months.

 If you have input to the panel regarding GBNA provision, either contact the appropriate representative for your sector in the list above or email us.