Free MetFlight service for GA


It was great to see the free MetFlight service for general aviation fliers announced in the Budget recently. Check out the media release here   

Working solutions


Pictured (left to right) : Glen-Marie Burns, (MOT), Mike Haines (Airways), and Bob Fletcher (Air New Zealand)  With a focus on getting the approach to system safety agreed, a...

Moving ahead


The New Southern Sky Governance Group met in Wellington last week to review the progress of the programme with a focus on performance metrics and safety impacts. The Governanc...

Reaching out


Because the changes we’re proposing will affect participants from across the aviation system, it’s important to make our plans clear to a wide range of industry groups so we c...

Staying connected


Staying connected image

Modernising New Zealand’s aviation system is no easy task but we’re up for the challenge! We’ve set some clear targets for key projects that will result in significant benefit...

We’re off to a flying start!


We’re off to a flying start! image

It’s been a busy first six months for the New Southern Sky team, which has been working hard to map out a plan to modernise New Zealand’s aviation system over the next ten yea...

Good neighbours


Good neighbours image

When it comes to music, sport and cuisine, we like to point out that there are many differences between New Zealand and our near neighbours across the Tasman. But when it come...

Staying safe


New Zealand’s world leading aviation safety record is no accident and we aim to keep it that way. As a member state of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), ou...