Transitioning smoothly


From time to time we will issue interim guidance and advice to enable operators to continue to fly safely while new Civil Aviation Rules and Advisory Circulars are under devel...

Preparing the ground for ADS-B


Preparing the ground for ADS-B image

The introduction of ADS-B is a key proposal under New Southern Sky’s surveillance work-stream and the team at Airways has been hard at work to make it a reality. ADS-B stands ...

NSS Christmas Message


  As we approach Christmas 2015 and New Southern Sky (NSS) Stage 1 nears completion, it’s a good time to reflect on the year and the outstanding efforts of everyone involved i...

Santa’s little helper


Santa’s little helper image

Santa has teamed up with Australian Air Navigation Service Provider Airservices to ensure children around the lucky country are not disappointed on Christmas morning.  He got ...

Buyer beware : second hand ADS-B kit


Some recreational flyers may be aware that second hand ADS-B equipment from the US is being offered for sale in New Zealand. While this kit may appear a great deal, it will li...

NSS presents to Aircraft Electronics Association Conference


Hailing from around the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia, over 100 members of the Aircraft Electronics Association gathered recently at the Association's  South Pacifi...

1st New Southern Sky Conference – save the date!


If you are an aviation professional or work in a related industry, we want you to help us shape the future of New Zealand aviation at the first New Southern Sky Conference. We...

Air NZ lends a pair of hands


Steve Kelly, the New Southern Sky (NSS) team’s latest recruit, brings with him a wealth of experience from military, corporate and commercial air transport in New Zealand and ...

SWIM team dips a toe in the water


SWIM team dips a toe in the water image

Information specialists and industry representatives joined the NSS team to take the plunge at the first System Wide Information Management (SWIM) workshop this week. They wer...

NZ Airports Conference 2015


We are pleased to announce that both the New Southern Sky (NSS) Director, Steve Smyth, and NSS Working Group member, Ian Andrews (President AOPA) will speak at the NZ Airports...