Working together - the European perspective


Does collaboration really get things done, faster and better?EUROCONTROL reports that for airports applying its collaborative decision-making concept, the answer is indubitabl...

Falling prices, climbing performance on the horizon for ADS-B equipment


A new ADS-B kit due to soon hit the US market—subject to FAA approval—may signal increasing affordability of this technology.Priced at US$2,995 (down from US$3,490), the panel...

News Flash! New Speakers at the New Southern Sky Conference


We are pleased to announce the following speakers have joined the line-up for the New Southern Sky Conference 2016 on 9th-10th May at Novotel Auckland International Airport: G...

On the screen


New Southern Sky Director Steve Smyth talks about the upcoming conference and the interesting range of presenters lined up to speak.  

Sharing the journey


The latest edition of Airspace features an editorial with Airways’ CEO Ed Sims, who took the opportunity to highlight the collaborative nature of the CAA-led New Southern Sky ...

NSS Conference Programme Update


The New Southern Sky Conference 2016 Draft Programme has been updated. Click here to view the Draft Programme.

Discussing the future


The CAA has released two discussion documents: one on proposal to change the GNSS rules and one on the proposal to mandate ADS-B above flight level 245. Join the discussion

Satellites, signals and safety


Global Navigation Satellite System Sole Means Recommendation Report. One of the most significant aspects of New Southern Sky is the proposed move from land-based to space-base...

Transitioning smoothly


From time to time we will issue interim guidance and advice to enable operators to continue to fly safely while new Civil Aviation Rules and Advisory Circulars are under devel...

Preparing the ground for ADS-B


Preparing the ground for ADS-B image

The introduction of ADS-B is a key proposal under New Southern Sky’s surveillance work-stream and the team at Airways has been hard at work to make it a reality. ADS-B stands ...