Video: NSS Collaboration - a work in progress


In the second of our NSS Working Group  series, Mike Haines, Head of Policy, Standards and Safety Improvement at Airways NZ and Ashok Poduval, Chief Executive of Massey Univer...

Your guide to Performance Based Navigation


The New Southern Sky Working Group has produced a  handy guide to Performance Based Navigation (PBN).  This is literally ‘PBN on a Page’ and we hope you find it useful. For so...

VIDEO: New Southern Sky stakeholders talk about the working group


New Southern Sky stakeholders took time out from their recent Working Group meeting to talk about how members of the group view working together to deliver the National Airspa...

Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) Development


The National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan contains an objective for the NSS programme to 'complete further analysis of the need for Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (S...

Happy 30th birthday Airways NZ!


It's Airways New Zealand's 30th birthday today. The NSS team wishes Team Airways many happy returns.All the best.

NSS stakeholders deliver National Security and Resilience report


The aviation system is a key component in New Zealand’s transport infrastructure in normal times, and in response to events ranging from rescue helicopter response to road tra...

In-flight MET access for GA pilots


The potential benefits of in-flight MET access have been highlighted by New Southern Sky stakeholders at System Wide Information Management (SWIM) workshops and during the NSS...

Formation of the Ground Based Navigation Aid review panel


The New Southern Sky programme produced a Ground Based Navigation Aid (GBNA) strategy paper at the end of 2016. This is aligned with similar work under way worldwide to ration...

Airways announces contract for new ATM system


The National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan from which the New Southern Sky takes its guidance for modernising the New Zealand aviation system, states: ‘New Zealand’s future...

NSS roadshow visits Hawera


The NSS Roadshow visited Hawera Aero Club in Taranaki last Friday to brief club members and visitors on the programme. An hour long briefing was followed by some great questio...